Adult,  Big Book

Fix: Sex, Lies and Banking

Lily Temperley

What’s love got to do with it? Patrick Harrington is handsome, wealthy and successful. He is also a high-functioning addict that craves his next fix. His vices of choice are money and women: taking risks at work and pursuing multiple sexual conquests. Determined to get what he wants, as he always does, Harrington fixates on Alexandra Fisher – the latest pretty young thing in his office. Relationships are not a test so why cheat? Alexandra Fisher is in love with a man at work. And love makes you do crazy things. Fisher is marked with a flashing neon sign of vulnerability, a result of both the tragic loss of her father and her limited romantic history. Patrick Harrington, the eternal bachelor and playboy Investment Banker, is happy to exploit her susceptibility and his pursuit of her is relentless. An intense liaison develops. Harrington pushes Fisher deep out of her comfort zone, submerging her into his world of deception, depravity and excess. Yet, Harrington finds himself similarly off-kilter, as Fisher teaches him that love doesn’t have to fit the fairytale mould that other women have tried to force upon him. At the risk of their careers, the torrid romance begins to take on a life of its own. Fix is the ultimate high-fliers diary based on a true story, set in London against a backdrop of banking and greed. A boy meets girl story where rules are learnt to be broken, money is no object and love gives way to ambition.

Author Information

Lily Temperley is now based in an exotic location after fifteen years of living and working in London. She arrived in London at the tender age of twenty with a dream: to dominate the world and see as much of it as she could while doing so. Reality soon bit with paying her rent becoming paramount, and so it was that she shunned everything she learnt at law school and opted for a shiny, lucrative job in the city.
Roll the clock forward more than a decade, she was married, she was single; she was armed with a list of more than fifty countries visited and had some money behind her. She was hit by an epiphany. After a lifetime of being known for both her tendency for amateur dramatics in everyday life and storytelling riddled with hyperbole, she confirmed to herself that, actually, her dream had always been to write.
What life had done in the time preceding this revelation was provide her with rich material, amazing experiences, and deep relationships on which to base her prose. To crystallise her declaration that she was now a writer, she promptly resigned from the city job, bought a new laptop and began to write.
The basis for her first book is her own life experience. She grew up in an investment bank. She’s had jobs working in the executive suites of two of Britain’s largest firms and has seen both these companies handle catastrophes on a global stage. Interwoven with that, she had an intimate relationship with a very senior executive, providing a real-life romantic angle to the corporate setting. True life is stranger than fiction and our stories – however shameful or hurtful – must be told.

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Publication Date: Nov 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 218
Genre: Romance
Age: Adult
Reviewer: Faye
Source: N/A

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