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We are very grateful to the self published community for giving us an opportunity to review their work when Big Book Little Book was in its infancy. Over the years we have found our review pile has gone from manageable to mountainous. As a result we have been able to dedicate less and less time and energy to self and indy published titles.
The idea for Self Published Sunday grew out of our desire to maintain our links with the self/independently published community. The aim of the feature is to showcase the author, their work, and self/indi/Small press publishing as an attractive consumer choice.
The first Self Published Sunday guest spot was published on the 22nd of July 2012 (you can read that, and our existing Self Published Sunday posts, here)
We are currently scheduling post for July 2015 onwards.
Posts are generally scheduled on a first come first served basis but where possible we will try to accommodate dates which co-inside with a books release, an existing blog tour or a recognised themed (blog or social media)event i.e. Mental Health Month, LGBTQ, #WeNeedDiverseBooks
Guest Post Ideas
We are fairly flexible about how this guest post is utilised. However, the content must be relevant to the featured book and be suitable for a blog containing children’s book reviews (no swearing or explicit sexual content). We will not tolerate/post discriminatory or hateful content.
Some suggestions we have for possible content include:
*A blogpost on any subject of your choosing
*A blog post about self publishing- Writing ( including inspiration, process), Publication, Promotion, Social media
*An extract, deleted scene, teaser scene from the featured book.
*A music playlist/ fantasy movie cast list for the featured book.
*An author interview. A list of interview questions is available on request.
While we are happy to feature character interviews we request that you provided content relevant questions in edition to the answers!
We would be delighted to hear any alternative ideas you may have for the post’s content.
Recommended content
We recommend that each author’s post:
*contains an author bio (photo optional),
*features the book art and synopsis from one book (authors choice),
*includes links to the authors own website and social network profiles( i.e.. twitter, good reads, tumbler).
We are also happy to also include a book trailer and purchasing information.
To discuss this feature further please contact Caroline at referencing Self Published Sunday in the subject line.
The Big Book Little Book team


  • Alexandria

    Hello, I am Alexandria James, the writer of the children’s picture book series, Natila. I have been writing since I was nine and I wanted to tell you to promote these books that I have up on my website here. I’ve written 15 books about a little girl with alopecia that wears high heel shoes and goes through life’s pain and happiness. I am a self-published author and the age group for these books go from about 0 – 8.

    • Caroline

      Thank you for your interest in our Self Published Sunday Feature.
      If you would like to work with us to promote your work and provide content for Self Published Sunday, please email me so that we might discuss your contribution.

  • Char G.

    I would love to have you read and review my children’s book.
    I understand that you limit the amount of self published books, but would like to be considered for Self Published Sunday.
    Please advise me of the process and thank you very much!

  • John-Manuel Andriote

    I would love the chance not only to share my indie-published WILHELMINA GOES WANDERING–based on the true story of a runaway cow in Connecticut–but would enjoy contributing a guest blog about why and how a book about a cow hanging out with a herd of deer has provoked such strong support among teachers and librarians. Mary Ellen Minichiello, president of the New England Association of School Librarians, says of WILHELMINA, “The book is extraordinary.”
    The book uses the timeless style of a fable to convey very timely truths about “diversity” and self-acceptance–and the unfortunate fact that kids books still include precious little diversity among the characters.
    Teachers have told me again and again about the wonderful conversations they have been able to have with elementary school age children about these subjects after reading WILHELMINA. A cow and deer allow them to discuss what it feels like to be “different”–as the cow feels among her deer friends–in a safe, unthreatening manner.
    Thanks much for your kind consideration. I can supply the photos, illustrations, video trailer, etc. if you should be interested.
    Best wishes,
    John-Manuel Andriote

  • Wayne

    Hi ,
    Your site is very helpful for a single dad, so thank you. I know it’s a new book (2016), but I just found a very nice book called “Cooking With Mr. C. by John Contratti. It has a wonderful message for kids. I found it on Amazon. My boys love it. I thought I’d share it with you. I check out your site frequently so thanks.

  • Susan Mason

    HI…I have recently self published an illustrated childrens book titled, “Pepper the Amazing Therapy Dog.” It is a wonderful true story of an adopted shelter puppy that through hard work, determination and love becomes a therapy dog. Pepper gives back by daily working in a moderate to severe high school classroom with her “daddy.” This story teaches general ed children that ALL children have gifts of their own. That it doesn’t matter how we appear, we should all be treated with kindness. Please check out the book on I would appreciate any suggestions on participating in the blog world. Thank you for your time. Susan

  • Herbert Nyakudya

    I published my first in a series picture book called Mark Needs a Home. Adopted dog finds himself on the side of the road and believes he has been abandoned yet again. He does not let this bother him so he goes in search of another home and owner. After a long unsuccessful search, Mark is cold and hungry. He decides to go back to the box for some warmth. Mark is met by Jamie his owner who is crying.

  • Rhian

    Hi. Firstly, love the blog! ❤️ We are just in the final stages of putting the book together and are looking to launch in the next few weeks. Our poem picture book is about a forest creature who goes on a journey meeting friends along the way. There’s sadness, smiles, mischief and friendship and the main character is very unique! It’s all hand drawn and water coloured, and aimed at a wide range of 3-10years old. I would hugely appreciate talking about a potential review on your blog if you have the time. With thanks! Rhi xxx

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