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We’re a book blog dedicated to the Big books we enjoy as adults and the Little books we love to share with our children.

In addition to weekly Big Book and Little Book reviews we look forward to sharing contributions from our junior team members Daisy (14) and Izzy (10).
We welcome your constructive feedback, comments and discussion participation.
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Caroline, Faye, Helen and Pruedence
The Big Book Little Book Team

A little bit more about each of us

Caroline is the proud mum of toddler Violet and two wanta be vloggers, Ava(9) and Seth(7). She is in the fortunate position of being able to spend most of the week with her children and work part time as an NHS Midwife, a job she adores.
Caroline’s natural habitat is snuggled up on the sofa immersed in a good book, usually Young Adult, or watching the latest American TV drama. Caroline’s favourite book is Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, which she insists on re reading every couple of years, closely followed by The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.
Caroline is currently recuperating from a broken heart after completing Cassandra Claire’s Infernal Devices trilogy. Her treatment includes large volumes of chocolate and The Lizzie Bennett Diaries (watch it here). Her prognosis is good.
Caroline also vlogs (Video blogs) over at Bookish Brits, a You Tube collaboration channel staffed by ten experienced book bloggers (vist here).
Evie is a 15-year-old girl, passionate about books, feminism and art. Evie enjoys reading with her two dogs – Charlie, a Chocolate Labrador and Hugo, a rather large and shaggy, 8 month old Irish Wolfhound (who happens to look at lot like she thinks Padfoot, from Harry Potter, should look). Her relationship with books started in her early childhood, when her mum would regularly read aloud to her. One of her most vivid and treasured memories being of them both snuggled up on the sofa reading Harry Potter and crying (a lot!).
Evie is never far from a bookshop, a place in which she can spend hours, and she never ever leaves the house without a book! Her favourite books include the Book Thief, The Outsiders and of course Harry Potter but she also enjoys a huge variety of YA books across a multitude of genres (and she’s recently discovered John Grisham- much to her dad’s delight).
Faye is a full time library assistant. She also blogs( A Daydreamers Thoughts here), vlogs (on her own channel, here, and a collaborative channel with Caroline), and spends a lot of her time on twitter and a moderate amount of time on tumblr.
When not spending every waking hour on the internet, she is usually found on her sofa watching all the shows on Netflix or settling down with another great book in hand. She is often found reading fabulous YA books, but she also adores a good adult book and a brilliant middle grade story. When all of that is done, she sometimes forgoes sleep and spends her time writing her very own stories that she one day hopes to publish!
Daisy is 15 and is doing her GCSE’s at secondary school. Her hobbies include reading in the dark and watching YouTube videos in the dark. Also she likes to talk a lot about books and YouTube and cry at sad films, like the Fault in Our Stars. She has an old but lovely guinea pig called Patrick and he has a little beard which makes him look wise. She has an unhealthy obsession with the TV show Nashville and likes to clatter around in cowboy boots that she can’t walk properly in and aspires to be a country singer. She’s very clumsy and that makes her a danger to most people.
Her favourite books are generally dystopian fiction but she enjoys historical fiction and mysteries. She will read anything from hideous romance novels to the instructions on noodle packets. Some old favourites of hers are: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince, The diary of Anne frank and Geek Girl. Also a newly discovered love for Dan Brown books has surfaced and she hasn’t even read the famous one yet. That’s all you never needed to know about Daisy.
Helen is addicted to books and has been an avid reader all her life – or at least, as long as she can remember!  She usually has at least three books on the go at any one time and no day is complete without some reading in there somewhere, if it comes with chocolate that’s a bonus!
Helen pursued her passion for books to University, reading English Literature.  Having been a primary teacher, and then re-training in youth work she has had a great incentive to keep reading books for children and young people (not that she has needed much excuse).
Helen will read almost anything that comes her way; classics, crime fiction, humour, drama, chick lit, the list goes on. In between her reading she is a full-time Mummy to her two gorgeous girls, Tianna and Sienna and she is encouraging them to become book worms in as many ways as possible!
Pruedence in the public eye as a fulltime healthcare professional. In her own private environment she’s a book addict. Her book drug of choice ranges from Young Adult, New Adult, Adult, to the occasional Middlegrade covering a variety of genres.
When not at work she can be found curled up in just about any comfortable location indoors or outdoors with her trusty ipadmini-kindle or paperbook, with Ludovico Einaudi’s classical music playing in the background lulling her into a place free from space and time. And if you look carefully you will also always spot a giant mug of tea within reaching distance so that the least amount of disturbance is brought to her reading by movement.
She is a very firm believer of C.S. Lewis’s saying “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough book long enough to suit me”
Pruedence also blogs over at The Library Mouse.

Our Junior Reviewers

Avilee is nine years old. She very much enjoys art, especially colouring and drawing, but her favourite thing to do is creative writing! Avilee is also very active – her favourite activities are Tap Dancing, Gymnastics and Swimming.
Izzy is 13. No one will ever see her in a dress and she is exactly the opposite to a girly girl. She hardly EVER wears what her mum tells her to wear. Izzy would mostly be found outside (without any shoes on) or playing with her guinea pig Teddy Fluffins. She likes a good kick about or generally just being outside. Even though she is the outdoors type she still has time for reading good books and playing the piano and violin. She likes the authors: Tom palmer and Emily Bearn. But her all time favourite book is “return to the one hundred acre wood” by David Benedictus.
Teagan is nearly 8 years old. She really enjoys school, her favourite bit is getting stuck in to projects like castles or sea creatures. Teagan loves swimming, gymnastics and playing with her friends. Teagan is so glad I she can now read some books on her own but she still enjoys listening to her mummy read lots of different types of bedtime time stories and fairy tales to her!

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