Introducing Sam!

Sam is a new recruit to Club ‘In the 30s’, despite her desperate resistance to join. She is currently attempting to live a life of luxury on a shoestring budget whilst simultaneously wrangling her two-year old tearaway monkey/child hybrid (a.k.a Daniel).
Rumour has it she only wanted a child as a cover so she could lurk in the children’s book section and revisit her favourite author Roald Dahl’s back catalogue. She is therefore waiting desperately for her son to grow into these stories so they can leap into a world of snozcumbers and dream catching giants together.
When it comes to genres, Sam is fairly fickle and will opt for most fiction with a twist or quirky plot! But will happily jump into a spot of sci-fi, fantasy and graphic novels equally alongside a cheesy chick-lit or apocalyptic tale! Her main rule for enjoying a novel is strong characters to intrigue her enough to stay up until early hours of the morning whilst the rest of the household sensibly sleep!
Pop back on friday to read Sam’s first review for Big Book Little Book.

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