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Chelsea Wives

Anna-Lou Weatherley
This is Desperate Housewives meets First Wives Club set in the glamorous borough of Chelsea. On the King’s Road, revenge is sweeter than champagne…
They are the ultimate ladies who lunch: Imogen, the beautiful ex-model, Calgary, the glamorous, former fashion editor, and Yasmin, the feisty ex-party girl.
But life isn’t all champagne and canapés. Plagued by personal tragedy and united by failing marriages, they mastermind a shocking plan to turn the tables on their husbands.
Set against a backdrop of exotic locations, designer boutiques and London’s high society scene, these Chelsea Wives are about to join forces and risk it all for the ultimate revenge…

It’s always fun to read something completely escapist and in stark contrast to your own life and Chelsea Wives certainly came up trumps on that score! I picked this up for my kindle whilst browsing for a few new reads and thought this sounded fun. It doesn’t disappoint.
Our leading ladies are Imogen Forbes, Calvary Rothschild and Yasmin Belmont-Jones. Each of them is stinking rich and living the lifestyle with bells on! There is lots of mention of brand names, famous restaurants and the like… If you are into fashion and designer names then you’ll feel right at home here -and if you are not– well it’s a wonderfully escapist entertaining read anyway! In spite of their wealth, they are all utterly miserable and unhappy in their marriages for varying reasons. I expected to dislike the characters and to find them shallow and vain but in fact the author has developed them well. They have depth and are likeable. They are all desperate to get out of their individual situations and when one of them makes a plan to get back at her husband the other two jump on board immediately for their own personal reasons and a great story plays out.
As I learned more about their marriages and the situations they were in I found myself rooting for them and wanting their plans to succeed – even if they weren’t legal! As you get to know their husbands it becomes rather satisfying to see the women eventually get their revenge in one way or another. There are some funny moments too.
Verdict:This story does have a happy ending and if you need an entertaining escapist read then this book does the job perfectly! It’s available in both paperback and Kindle formats and although I read it mainly tucked up in bed and on the sofa, it would be the perfect accompaniment to lounging on a sunbed with a cocktail in hand.
Reviewed by Lesley

Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: June 2012
Format: eBook
Pages: 448/620KB
Genre: Chick Lit
Age: Adult book review
Reviewer: Lesley
Source: Own Copy
Challenge: None

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