Little Book,  Middle grade

Tim the Tiny Horse at Large

Harry Hill
In this new book of adventures, Tim has to deal with some big things such as: Birth, love, life and death! Tim faces up to fame, to his best friend Fly getting married and the responsibility of looking after his pet Greenfly…George
Tim the tiny horse at large is such a cool book. I really like how it is laid out and how some pages are full colour, which makes them really eye catching. It uses a mixture of real photo’s plus Harry’s extraordinary illustrations. It is great fun for people who like a good laugh. But is DEFINATELY for the older reader, even though it is laid out simply and easily and looks very childish, in Chapter 5 which is called Mr and Mrs Fly get a new addition we hear about Mrs Fly’s pregnancy only a day and a half after getting married!
Chapters 7 and 10 are my favourites because I really like the story about George the Greenfly and Chapter 10 should make you feel sad (won’t tell you why because it will give it away) but you can’t help but giggle.
Even though this is the second book about Tiny Tim, I’m really hoping on my next trip to the library, that I can find the first one in the series, as this book was so good (I’m actually hoping it’s a trilogy)
Verdict:This book is slightly crazy and a bit nonsense, but is still one of the best books I’ve read. I thought it looked it a bit babyish at first, but after having a sneak preview of the pictures in the library I changed my mind and decided to borrow it and I’m UTTERLY glad I did.

Publisher: Faber and Faber Ltd
Publication Date: October 2009
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Genre: Humour
Age: Middle Grade book review
Reviewer: Izzy (9)
Source: Borrowed
Challenge: British Book

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