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Calm Down Boris!

Calm Down, Boris! (Puppet Pop Ups)
Sam Lloyd
Boris just wants to be loved, but he’s too big and kissy and tickly! With this hilarious cut-away book, Boris the puppet comes alive when you put your hand through the back of the book! Turn the card pages to find out how he gets carried away… Boris is made of soft, orange fur and has a big felt tongue.
Ahh Boris. What child wouldn’t find a furry, manic monster who just loves to kiss and who gets chastised for being a tad overzealous, compelling? The joy of this book is how the child participation smoothly runs through this simple, quirkily illustrated story. It’s also a great book for when you want to entertain more than one child including babies.
My 8mth old son will collapse into giggles when petted by Boris and is clearly quite fascinated with the hand puppet.
It is a short read. We found though that it encouraged my 3 yr old daughter to ‘role play’ and she loves to pretend to be Boris herself.
Verdict: This is definitely a day time book as opposed to a bedtime book due to the excitement it causes and deserves a place in every preschoolers bookshelf.
Reviewed by Karen

Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication Date: July 2006
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 5
Genre: Picture Book
Age: Picture Books
Reviewer: Karen
Source: Own Copy
Challenge: N/A

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