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Sully's Glow

Simi Godagama

Harpi the eagle discovers her inner voice that guides her to Sully, a boy with a glow. Sully is unaware of his glow until he discovers he has the capacity to help someone in need. After he meets Harpi, together they meet more friends who each in turn have their own issues that heal and transform through their encounters with one another. Eventually with their combined energy, they transform the world they live in. Sad Sully becomes Smiling Sully, Hopeless Harp becomes Hopeful Harpi, Perfect Parrot becomes Pitch Perfect Parrot, Greedy Giraffe becomes Grateful Giraffe and Cranky Croc turns into Courageous Croc.

Sully’s Glow is a charming little story about how four different animals and a human, who are struggling with inner demons, work together to find each other’s worth and to help each other become happier. It has a good rhyming feel to the book that allows it to be easy to be read aloud to children as well. I really enjoyed the moral story at the centre of this book and I know that my niece would really enjoy this book. It’s also got some amazing illustrations as well that really bring the story to life.
I would definitely recommend this book, especially to those children aged 5-8 who are struggling to find friends. Perhaps they feel like they don’t belong anywhere, or that they are too ugly, or too bored or simply too angry. This book shows that if you open your heart and help one person that you will feel better yourself and it may just lead to a wonderful friendship. It’s just got a lovely feel to the book that I really enjoyed.

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Publication Date: March 2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 88
Genre: Picture Book
Age: Children
Reviewer: Faye
Source: Review Copy

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