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Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin

Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel

Join Anna and Evan on a magical adventure to the Galapagos Islands where they meet Charles Darwin, discover unusual animals and learn some interesting scientific facts.
This engaging and educational book is ideal for young children to encourage curiosity and interest in the natural world and science.

This is such an informative and entertaining read. I really think it is a great introduction to science and I am definitely interested to see what other adventures Anna and Evan get up to. In this book they meet Charles Darwin who very helpfully explains why some animals are the same but also very different due to the environment that they live in. (Such as the difference between African Elephants and Indian Elephants). It’s all laid out in a fun, explorative way and throughout the book are little descriptions of the pictures on the page and I think that this could be a really great book to inspire children to start asking more questions about the world in which we live in.
Alongside such a brilliant story are beautiful illustrations. They’re really vibrant and colourful and depict the different animals really well. I also loved how the siblings return home and we get to see the drawings that they made of their time in the zoo. Once again showing that once we’ve learnt about the world, we can then explore it further with creativity. Lastly, but certainly not least, I also love that it has a little biography of Charles Darwin at the back of the book.
Honestly, this is a great book to introduce some curiosity into children!

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Publication Date: February 2019
Format: Paperback
Pages: 30
Genre: Picture Book
Age: Childrens
Reviewer: Faye
Source: Review Copy

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