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Five Fabulous…MG Books Published in 2016

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Okay, here’s my top MG of 2016!
I love MG fiction and have started reading it a lot more this year. I still have a large backlog to get through but here are my favourites of 2016 so far!
Erica’s Elephant by Sylvia Bishop
This is one of the most cute and magical books that I’ve read this year. It has incredible illustrations to go along with it and the story is just so sweet and imaginative. I am so sure that a lot of children will eat this story up as it is just so wonderful!
Perijee & Me by Ross Montgomery
Yet another cute MG story! This book is about a girl who befriends an alien but it doesn’t quite go to plan. It is enthralling, powerful and has a wonderful protagonist at the centre too. It’s also quite emotional too. I am positive that this will be devoured by children!
How To Look for a Lost Dog by Anne M. Martin
There are not enough words to describe how much I absolutely adore this book. It is about a girl with high-functioning autism and it is an incredible read. It is a wonderful book to explain autism to children as well as just having a lovely story at the centre of it about a girl trying to find her dog after a bad storm. A story of hope, love and acceptance.
Girl with a White Dog by Anne Booth
As above, not enough words to explain how amazing this book is. About a girl whose Gran gets a lovely white dog and how that sets off a chain of events that link the story to WW2. It’s an uplifting but sad story that is full of emotions, and hope. It is just an educational story that I think a lot of children should read and are also likely to love.
Squishy McFluff: Seaside Rescue by Pip Jones
This is a cute, fun and playful MG that I read quickly and just enjoyed from start to finish. Squishy McFluff is an invisible cat and in this book, they go to the seaside. It was a really lovely story that is full of spirit and will thrill any animal lover from start to finish – especially those that love a little bit of mischief too!
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