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#FinishItFeb 2016 Challenge Round Up

Personal Target: Finish two series
Books read this week: 1/4
Total books read: One and 1/2
Series completed for challenge: None (up to date with one series)
Faye’s Challenge Update: You can read about how the third week of the challenge went for Faye over on her personal blog (here).While her challenge wrap up can be found here.
General Feedback
Week three, half term week, when as well as I expected. I’m sure that you can surmises from the tardiness of this post that the forth and final week didn’t go much better. Over the last two weeks I have only managed to read about one half of This Shattered World. This has absolutely no refection on the book itself, which I am enjoying as much as I loved the first, this is due entirely to my current reading habits.
I have little opportunity to read paper books. Unlike ebooks, which set to dim are unobtrusive to baby nap/bed times, I am only really able to read paper books in the evenings. Unfortunately my evenings at present are currently filled with work and studying, a situation I don’t see improving in the near future.
While I can’t really say that this years #FinishItFeb has been a success in regards to my physical TBR pile, every year I am amazed at how the act of taking part in this challenge sheds light on my reading habits. This years challenge has confirmed to me that at this time and place in my life, I really need to embrace ebooks and the extra reading opportunities they afford me. Alas, the Starborn trilogy is not yet available for my Kindle ( I had planed to re buy on Kindle to enable me to finish the series sooner) and as such completing this series is going to be a slow but steady affair. Meanwhile I am going to develop the skills I gained during last years challenge of multi book reading over different formats.
How did you find the challenge? Will you be joining us next year?
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