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Mayfly Day

Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross ( illustrator)
mayfly dayMayfly might have only one day to live, but she enjoys every moment, observing all the life around her, and rejoicing in her own. As she soars over the sky at dawn she bathes in the golden light, and she dances to the music of the universe.
This is my favourite book. It is a story of a life of a Mayfly.
I love this book because it describes a perfect day which is actually her whole life.
The story is simple but when I read it I feel excited, sad and relaxed at different times.
The pictures are very delicate and colourful; some of them look like photos.
The story is written like a poem and even without the pictures I imagine a beautiful world.
Verdict: I have read this book loads of times and will always love it!
Reviewed by Teagan age 5 and ¾

Publisher: Anderson Press
Publication Date: June 2006
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Genre: Picture book, Animals
Age: Picture book
Reviewer: Teagan
Source: Own copy
Challenge: British book

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