Little Book,  Middle grade

Judy Moody Saves the World

Megan McDonald and Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)
judy moodyJudy Moody did not set out to save the world.
She set out to win a contest. A Band-Aid contest.
It all started with the Crazy-Strip contest – and the dream that she, Judy Moody, might one day see her very own adhesive-bandage design covering the scraped knees of thousands. But when her “Heal the World” motif merits only an honorable mention, Judy Moody realizes it’s time to set her sights on something bigger. Class 3T is studying the environment, and Judy is amazed to learn about the destruction of the rain forest, the endangered species (not) in her own backyard, and her own family’s crummy recycling habits. Now she’s in a mood to whip the planet into shape – or her name isn’t Judy Monarch Moody!

There are a few books in this series. While I was on holiday I went to the library and I chose this book, it was the 3rd book in the series but the only one they had. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t read the first two because it explained all the main characters.
I particularly enjoyed the interesting titles, for example, A Mr Rubbish Mood, Pigtoes, Pumas and Pimplebacks and finally Project P.E.N.C.I.L! They really caught my imagination.
This book has a lot of facts and I found them very interesting, I also learnt a lot about recycling.
“Did you know we throw away TWO AND A HALF MILLION plastic bottles every hour in this country!” (USA)
It gave a long list of things that we use every day which come from the rain forest and talks about riding bikes to help save fuel and the earth.
This book is American so some of the words are a bit different which was a little confusing like trash /rubbish, and Band-Aids /plasters.
Verdict: I love this book and now want to read ALL THE OTHERS!
Reviewed by Avilee Age 7 ½

Publisher: Candlewick Press
Publication Date: March 2004
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Genre: Fiction, humour
Age: Middle grade
Reviewer: Avilee
Source: Borrowed
Challenge: None

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