Little Book,  Middle grade

The Power Of Sloth

Lucy Cooke
the power of slothThe Power of Sloth is Lucy Cooke’s celebration of the sloth: the cutest, cuddliest, slowest creature on this planet. In the book she brings together some truly adorable pictures of baby sloths, literally by the bucketful. These delightful, funny pictures are accompanied by a simple text which tells you all about sloths and why we should protect them. We also discover all about the work of the Avarios sloth sanctuary, which, along with the ZSL EDGE programme to protect the pygmy sloth, receives some of the proceeds from this book.
I love sloths! This amazing book is jam-packed with cute pictures and amazing facts. This is the first book I’ve dreaded coming to the end of. Which was even more sad because it is only a short book.
Beautifully written with amazing photography, this has quickly become a firm favourite of mine, Just to pick up and dip into.
Follow all the latest gossip in Slothville , like when twins Sebastian and Viola get some very snazzy sloth onesies and find out which cuddly toy Mateo finally decides will be his bestie.
I met Lucy Cooke when I went to the Hay Festival . She even signed my book!
Lucy Cooke is a photographer, zoologist and presenter for the BBC.(And she loves sloths!)
Reviewed by Izzy (10)

Publisher: Franklin Watts
Publication Date: November 2014
Format: Hardback
Age: Middle grade
Reviewer: Izzy (10)
Source: Own copy
Challenge: British book

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