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Getting To Know…Izzy

Izzy is 9. No one will ever see her in a dress and she is exactly the opposite to a girly girl. She hardly EVER wears what her mum tells her to wear. Izzy would mostly be found outside (without any shoes on) or playing with her guinea pig Teddy Fluffins. She likes a good kick about or generally just being outside. Even though she is the outdoors type she still has time for reading good books and playing the piano and violin. She likes the authors: Tom palmer and Emily Bearn. But her all time favourite book is “return to the one hundred acre wood” by David Benedictus.
What have you enjoyed the most about blogging over the past year?
Meeting Lauren Child, and reading some books I wouldn’t normally have chosen but have really enjoyed.
What was your favorite read of the last 12 months?
Cordelia Codd, Not just the Blues by Clare O’ Brien, it was really funny and a bit sad, it made me think alot
What makes the perfect beach/holiday read?
In our family we like to read books about the place where we are on holiday, so when we were in Florida we read ‘Because of Winn Dixie’ by Kate Di Camillo which was set in Florida.
What book are you most anticipating reading over the summer?
I’ve got the next Cordelia Codd, Frankly Ruby I don’t give a Damn, ready to go on my kindle – Can’t wait..
Describe your bookshelf/TBR pile.
I’ve had to build a little book shelf on my floor! Because for some reason my amount has multiplied since we have moved house!
How do you make time to read?
I read before bedtime, at school, while I’m waiting for Daisy (my sister) to have her piano lesson, on holiday
Where is your Favourite place to read?
Laying on the trampoline
What book have you enjoyed sharing/recommended with your friends
Cordelia Codd…
A favourite blog/forum/website you would like to recommend to our readers? Why?
mini clip– good games!(click here to visit the mini clip site.
And because we ask our visiting authors- Just For Fun
Tea or Coffee?
Neither, Hot Chocolate
Slippers or barefoot? Barefoot
Shower or Bath? Both
Marmite: Love it? Hate it? It’s alright
Email or postcard? Email, although my Nanna sends me millions of postcards- about 6 per holiday she goes on

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