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Alison is Mum to two children, one at Primary School and one preschooler. She juggles day to day life with full time work is a school librarian. A career that fits very well with her obsessive reading habit. Life is very busy, but lots of fun.
Not a day goes by with at least a few pages being read. Alison can often be found reading teen and young adult fiction, all in the name of work, honest! An urban fantasy addict, both grown up and teen, she is currently reading the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent, and loving every second. Alison also permanently seems to be reading books from the long and shortlists of children’s book awards. When she takes the occasional step into the territory of books for grown ups Alison loves to read crime and fantasy.

What have you enjoyed the most about blogging over the past year?
Just being able to rave about the books that I love. Everybody expects a librarian to talk about what they read, but there is only so far you can go before the eyes glaze over and people make excuses to run away…
What was your favorite read of the last 12 months?
Probably still ‘A Throne of Glass’ by Sarah J Maas. I’m enjoying ‘Crown of Midnight’ which is the next in the series, but it doesn’t have that wow factor of discovering something new and amazing. I really enjoyed ‘The Oathbreakers Shadow’ by Amy McCulloch as a new and original idea. Basically I’m back to really enjoying fantasy books. I love that the genre is becoming more popular in YA. Adult fantasy is a little too involved for light reading, YA fantasy gives me the elements of fantasy that I love is a more accessible format.
What makes the perfect beach/holiday read?
Something light and easy whilst on holiday, any time off at home normally means that I’ll read something a bit heavier as I don’t have as much on my mind as when I’m working.
What book are you most anticipating reading over the summer?
I’ve just finished watching season three of ‘Game of Thrones’. It’s been 8 years since I have read any of the books, so I’m thinking I may try the first three again. I’ve got three weeks off so should be able to manage something more involved. This time I may even take notes so I actually know what is going on!
Describe your bookshelf/TBR pile- ie all on kindle, alphabetised, tripple stacked!
I have loads of books waiting for me on my phone, I managed to break my Kindle this year and haven’t bought a new one yet! The house is also covered in books, I’d love to say they were all arranged neatly but they really aren’t. I’m sp precise about the order of the bookshelves at work but it doesn’t transfer to home. There are also loads and loads of books I would love to read on those shelves at work. I would take them all home but it’s only fair to let the students read them first!
How do you make time to read?
I don’t sleep! The amount of reading that I do has decreased dramatically this year as my husband has stopped working nights and I have ended spending my evenings with him. Lovely to see him but I do miss the reading. Occasionally you will find me curled up on the sofa whilst the children create chaos around me.
Where is your Favourite place to read?
In bed or in the bath, basically anywhere I can lie down. Although I will read sitting up I don’t really find it comfortable
How do you encourage the love of reading and books in your children?
By reading to them and by having lots of books around at all times. By making sure I talk to them about what they are reading AND what I am reading (within age appropriateness of course). I also make sure that they see me reading too so they know that it’s something I value, this bit is no hardship at all. It’s my job to encourage children to read more and it breaks my heart to see more and more children growing up with no reading culture at home. Schools can do a lot but in the end it really is parents who create readers.
What is your favorite book you have shared with your child(ren) in the last 12 months?
Anything by Roald Dahl. We’ve had a few years where it’s been difficult to read both children the same book as the oldest wanted something longer and the youngest wanted picture books. This year I’ve been able to read the same book to both of them and Roald Dahl’s sense of humour really appeals to both. The only problem is that I don’t end up reading the whole book to them anymore as the oldest will often carry on reading the books to the youngest!
A favourite blog/forum/website you would like to recommend to our readers? Why? I use it both for work and finding books for my own children. It lets you know what new books are out, gives suggestions based on genre and best of all it has a extract from the beginning of most books that you can download to try.
And because we ask our visiting authors- Just For Fun
Tea or Coffee?
Neither. Is Pepsi Max an option?
Slippers or barefoot? Barefoot in summer, big fluffy slipper boots in winter
Shower or Bath? Bath for comfort, shower for time
Marmite: Love it? Hate it? Ugh..

Alison's Place of work
Alison’s Place of work

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