Big Book,  YA

Geek Girl

Holly Smale
geek girlMy name is Harriet Manners, and I am a Geek, and she knows it; she also knows that peanuts are an ingredient in dynamite. Being a teenager is hard enough and to have a geek reputation… well what’s the point in living? Teenage years hit Harriet like a pink, sparkly sledgehammer and now suddenly if you wear that purple top you like you are seen as a fashion crime and locked up in the world of geeks. Welcome to that world Harriet. It’s not her fault, her family are the ones who watch documentaries on locusts. It seems as if her best friend Nat is the only normal one. It seems as Nat is the only person who actually likes Harriet, everyone else hates her especially Alexa her arch nemesis.
Fashion crazy Nat takes Harriet along to a clothes show to see if she can fulfill her dream of being a model. Suddenly disaster strikes and it’s Harriet who gets spotted by a leading model agency, crushing Nat’s dream of being a model into teeny weeny pieces. As she runs to hide under a table someone else is already there…
Well I don’t want to give any more away but I’m glad to say she gets the happily ever after she needs and I say has definately earned. This book is probably for about 11/12 year olds to about 14/15 year old girls.
Verdict: This book made me laugh, cry and think hard but you should definitely get this book or you will regret getting it for the whole of the rest of your life…ever!
Reviewed by Daisy

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s
Publication Date: February 2013
Format: Paperback
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Age: YA
Reviewer: Daisy (11)
Source: Received from publisher
Challenge: Debut Author

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