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2013 Book Challenges

bbchallengeAt the start of 2012 The Big Book Little Book Team signed up to The Debut Author Challenge and The British book Challenge. We pledged to read twelve Middle grade or Young adult debut novels and twelve British novels.
In 2012 The Big Book Little Book Team:
Reviewed over 30 British Books from every age category
Reviewed 16 Young Adult debuts
Reviewed 3 Adult debut novels.

Taking part in these challenges prompted us to explore books we may not have otherwise considered. Many of which are now classed as favourite reads. We enjoyed the challenges so much that we are doing it all over again!
While we have not signed up for a specific blog challenge we will endeavour to read and review at least 12 debut novels in 2013.
We are delighted to be taking part once more in The British Book Challenge. Kirsty of The Overflowing Library ( view her extensive YA blog here) did a fantastic job managing the challenge in 2012 and we are sure that Sarah of Feeling Fictional ( Check out her awesome YA and Adult book blog here) will rise to the challenge of filling Kirsty’s impressive shoes.
We aim to read at least 12 British Books in 2013 (secretly we would love to top the 30 we managed in 2012).
For more information on the challenge and to sign up visit the British Book Challenge Page (here)
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  • Sarah

    Welcome to the British Books Challenge Caroline & the rest of the BBLB team! I’m happy that so many people are taking part again this year & am looking forward to reading your reviews!

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