Happy Birthday Big Book Little Book!

Caroline asked us to write something about what blogging has meant to us this last year I was actually quite stumped! Don’t get me wrong, I have loved being a part of Big Book Little Book, but I hadn’t really thought about why I enjoyed it. After all I have always loved books and still relish talking about them with anyone who will listen, and even reply! So how has blogging been special
Well after a little reflection I have realised that I have revelled in writing about books again. After my Degree I didn’t think I would ever do that again, (or maybe even want to!) but it seems I have actually missed it. There is something about formulating your thoughts into some kind of cohesion and finding that right word to express yourself that is very satisfying. On top of that it has been wonderful to share my thoughts with other people and find that they are interested enough to read them and even give such nice feedback. I love sharing books on this whole new level.
In addition I have gotten to read some great stories, some in advance of their official release. It is a privilege and so exciting to know you are reading a story before many others even get to see the book. One of my highlights has to be getting an ARC copy of Abandon to read. It was a great novel (I am still impatient for the next instalment) and I felt so lucky to get to share my thoughts on it so early on in its life. It’s thrilling to know that it is still our most read post, even if it because the book is so popular not because of my writing ☺. It’s still exhilarating to know people out there are reading my views on it.

So in conclusion it has been an exciting year and I have had a brilliant blogging time. I take my hat off to Caroline for keeping us all on track and for all the hard work she has poured into to making this successful, thanks for asking me to be part of it. Here’s to next year and many more after that!!
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