Happy Birthday Big Book Little Book

Has it been a year already?! Next you’ll be telling me it’s less than 6 months until Christmas…oh wait! Like any parent, I’m so proud of how our BigBooklittlebook (BBlb) blog baby has grown in just one year. I’ve loved how being part of this blog has made me dedicate more time to reading and given me the opportunity to socialise with likeminded bibliophiles and meet fantastic authors in the flesh too!
Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read our posts, super squishy hugs for those that are following us and full on snogs for everyone that has commented on any of our posts – they really are so appreciated and motivates us to carry on.
This is a picture of my two kids reading, ‘The fearsome Beastie’ by Giles Paley – Phillips. It’s been read so often, Becca knows most of the words off by heart. A review will come when I find the right words to do the book justice! When you see your kids having the same wonder and enthusiasm for a much loved book as you have for reading, it kinda makes all the effort worthwhile 🙂
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