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Novel Nibbles: Steampunk Cupcake Toppers

Yesterday we took a look at how to make Earl Grey infused cupcakes. The post included two types of flavoured butter cream and two kinds of easy, low effort Steampunk inspired cake decorations.

Today’s post shows you step by step how I created the edible bronze cogs and washers.

These decorations involved a few bits of specialist equipment and a considerable time commitment (approx 2hrs) but it was well worth the effort. I will certainly make them again if I ever need to contribute to a steampunk event and I am already plotting a robotic themed birthday party for my 2 3/4 year old.

Note: The bronze paint is made using “Bronze Professional Metallic Lustres”, an edible food colouring powder, and a few drops of clear alcohol, which evaporates during the drying process.

Bon appétit!
Post by Caroline


  • Pruedence13

    Oh my goodness Caroline!!! How did you come up with this?! Well if this isn’t fan dedication heaven knows what is! I bet they tasted amazing! Swap cupcake for one of my buiscuits?

  • Robin

    I love what you did with the steampunk design. I’m in the US and I’m not finding any products called ‘sugar dough.’ What exactly did you roll out to make the sprockets and gears? I did find the edible metallic powder and have ordered it.

    • Caroline

      Its the stuff that you use for sugar craft i.e. to make flowers and figures for cakes. It’s called sugar dough in the UK. I’m not sure what you would call it over there.

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