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Mutt Dog

Stephen Michael King
Mutt Dog is brave and fast and gentle and loyal and smart, but he’s also hungry, and he doesn’t have a home. Then one day his luck changes, and he at last finds a family-and a cozy, loving place to belong. With its humorous text and irresistible watercolor illustrations, this endearing story by Australian picture-book creator Stephen Michael King is certain to strike a chord with animal enthusiasts everywhere
What a lovely story. Can I even admit that it almost made me tear up… almost! This is a story about a stray dog, who had to be brave and fast and smart just to survive. We see him scrounging for food and trying to find places to sleep until he eventually finds a halfway house where someone takes pity on him and finds him somewhere warm and dry to sleep and gives him some food.
This story has a very happy ending and just generally has a ‘feel good’ factor to it. It provided a nice chatty conversation with my pre-schooler about animals and caring for animals and how animals might feel if they were all alone. I am very glad there was a happy ending for this little dog!
Verdict: A delightful read for your pre-schooler. Might even be a tear jerker for some!!
Reviewed by Lesley

Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: September 2005
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Genre: Picture book
Age: Picture books
Reviewer: Lesley
Source: Borrowed
Challenge: None

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