Novel Nibbles

Novel Nibbles

I love food in books.
I LOVE indulging in food porn! I can happily spend hours browsing through cook books, salivating over the gorgeous photography and compiling fantasy menus for non-existent dinner parties. Cookery books make up the bulk of my non-fiction collection. At my last count I owned 33 cook books in addition to recipe cards and foodie magazines!
I LOVE food within fiction. Whether it’s the absence of food and the struggle to obtain it, heavily recycled water and desiccated rations in a Sci-Fi novel, a fresh kill roasting over an open fire in a survival novel or the perfect breakfast in a contemporary story, the addition of food within a fictional piece really helps to add to the realism, evoking the senses and grounding it within the book’s setting.

My Daughters 2nd Birthday Cake

Before Christmas Lesley and I had great fun making (and not to mention testing!)The Scorpio Races: Film Rights Brownies (found here). Subsequently the Big Book Little Book team have decided to create a fun new feature: Novel Nibbles. Putting our cook books to good use and our children to work, we hope to create, adapt and test food featured in or inspired by Big Book Little Book’s favourite fiction.
A friendly warning to your waistline: We anticipate that  desserts and baking will feature quite heavily!
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