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Lulu and the Best Cake Ever!

Emma Chichester Clark
Come on down to Wagtail Town where every day is an adventure! A brilliant new series for young children from the highly-regarded, award-winning creator of Blue Kangaroo, Emma Chichester Clark.
Lulu is a little dog with BIG ideas. So when the New Tricks School cake competition is announced she is sure she can make the best cake ever and WIN!
But when her cake doesn’t look quite like it should, it’s up to her best friend, Alfie, to remind her that there are more important things than winning…

Due to the fact that all the characters live in, ‘Wagtail Town’, it’s hardly surprising then to read that they’re all dogs who prefer to walk around on two legs or even better use scooters to get around.

I liked the fact that even though Lulu tries so hard to make a prizewinning cake and should deserve to win for effort alone, she has to cope with not winning and with the help of her friends, realise that winning isn’t everything. Ahh!

Whilst the illustrations were not to my taste, I did like the busyness of the Townsfolk as they go about their everyday lives.You could literally stop at each page and spend time exploring just the artwork.

Verdict: A cute book that’s just the start of a series featuring Lulu and her doggy chums.
Reviewed by Karen

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s books
Publication Date: February 20121
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32
Genre: Picture Book
Age: Picture Books, Early Readers
Reviewer: Karen
Source: Provided by publisher
Challenge: British book

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