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Our Baby

Tony Bradman and Lynn Breeze
A toddler takes pride in all the things that he can do – get out of bed, use a potty, do up buttons – and baby can’t. He is especially pleased with himself when his parents can’t stop baby crying – but he can.
The beauty of this book, is the service it provided to my daughter when she struggled to cope with the change in family dynamic when her baby brother arrived. On particular days when she was obviously frustrated that her brother seemed to be getting more attention than her. She would often request that I read her this book.
This is because the book follows a simple premise of highlighting daily activities that a baby can’t do, but a toddler can. The activities are, getting out of bed, using the potty, washing, dressing, getting down from the table, climbing stairs, being restrained in a stroller and playing with older toys. Okay it may be viewed as ‘smug’ but when you’re so young, it’s surely a good thing to be reminded that being a baby ain’t all it’s cracked up to be and being the older sibling can be pretty darn cool.
Verdict: Admittedly it’s a tad too simplistic and niche to be a book guaranteed to be, ‘loved by all’. However, if you know of a young child about to become an older sibling and come across this book, it may help them to adjust and feel better about themselves just like my daughter did
Reviewed by Karen

Publisher: Collins
Publication Date: May 1995
Format: Paperback
Pages: 24
Genre: Picture book, family, Issues
Age: Picture Books, Early Readers
Reviewer: Karen
Source: Own Copy
Challenge: British Book

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