Adult,  Big Book

Dead Reckoning

Charlaine Harris
With her knack for being in trouble’s way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte’s, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. But Sookie suspects otherwise and she and Sam work together to uncover the culprit – and the twisted motive for the attack. But her attention is divided. Though she can’t ‘read’ vampires, Sookie knows her lover Eric Northman and his ‘child’ Pam well – and she realises that they are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, she is drawn into the plot -which is much more complicated than she knows. Caught up in the politics of the vampire world, Sookie will learn that she is as much of a pawn as any ordinary human – and that there is a new Queen on the board
If you happen to be new to Sookie’s universe I would highly recommend that you start at the beginning of the series with Dead until Dark.
The character development that began in Dead in the Family continues here. Although still impulsive at times Sookie is beginning to consider the consequences of her connections to the supernatural community and the challenges of a long term relationship with a ruthless immortal.
Pam continues to provide some of the wittiest and driest dialog in the series. We are provided with a satisfying glimpse past the fierce, perfectly polished facade as she demonstrates the protective element of her personality.
Dead reckoning finds Sookie in a cathartic mood, spring cleaning her attic and her life. The apparently pointless appearances of a naked Alcide (I know I can’t quite believe that I wrote “naked Alcide” and “pointless” in the same sentence!) and the consequences for Sookie’s household, led to the feeling that the author was also in the mood to spring clean. It remains to be seen whether this was simply intended to tie up loose ends and focus attention to the primary players or if the author has some wicked plot twists up her sleeve for the remaining two books.
Bills apparent personality transplant, the all too convenient departure of Judith and the artless “love making” scene really niggled at me. As an ardent supporter of team Eric Northman perhaps I’m simply experiencing sour grapes at the direction the romance appears to be taking.
Verdict: While I enjoyed dipping back in to the Sookie universe I didn’t enjoy this instalment as much as previous Sookie novels. However having come this far with the series, I am determined to stick it out for the remaining two novels.
Reviewed by Caroline

Publisher: Gollancz
Publication Date: May 2011
Format: Hardback
Pages: 325
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Mystery
Age: Adult
Reviewer: Caroline
Source: Own Copy
Challenge: N/A

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