Around The Table: The Twilight Saga Part 2

We love to get together as a team and discuss all manner of book related subjects. As with the movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn, to do justice to this discussion we have had to divide this feature in to two parts! Warning: Caroline and Helen go off on one!

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Caroline: What do people think of the character portrayal in the films?! I know that you can’t portray everything in a two hour film but I felt like they left out all of Bella’s other friendships. In the books she at least makes an effort to create and maintain friendships outside of Edward and Jacob.

Helen: I liked the third film, as the one I saw first, but agree that Bella is more limited by the film. I liked Edward better in the films though hmmmm Wonder why! 😉 He seems a bit less perfect somehow, or maybe it’s just that you see him as he is and not just him through Bella’s eyes which is what the books are.

Caroline: *fans self* Yes I think you are right, his flaws are more obvious in the films.

Helen: Shame she never finished that book written from his perspective.

Caroline: It was great that both the wolves and the vampires had big extended supportive families, something that is becoming rarer in our society. I loved all of the secondary Characters. Seth was a sweetheart (and what a fantastic name!) and Emmett brought light relief.

Helen: The other minor character I really liked was the girlfriend of chief wolf. The one, who got hurt, can’t remember her name, but she was interesting too. Was it this book where Jacob has to face down the pack? I found all that really interesting too, especially reading in fairly close proximity to the Shiver series

Caroline: I thought that Leah was a really interesting character and I would really like to read more about her in the future.

Helen: I liked Leah too; her whole story would be a good film I think (if a little short maybe!). I liked all the stuff with the wolves and the legends, it gave it all more depth.

Caroline: I was thinking a book about what happens to Leah post Twilight? How does she cope being the only female? Does she ever mend her broken heart? It felt like she was the only “good guy” who didn’t get a happy ending and she was made out to be such a b!&$h I want Stephenie to write her story so that she gets to her to have a happy ending!

Helen: Good idea, and more Twilight then too.

Caroline: On the Leah issue, why do you suppose we are allowed to wallow with Bella when Edward left but made to feel unsympathetic for Leah when Sam left her for her cousin?

Helen: Partly because Bella is the main character!!Also Leah does take it out on everyone else, Bella mostly seems to go into herself and not be so negative to others – they just get ignored!!And when we first meet Leah she isn’t really seen in a positive light, this carries on as the boys/wolves don’t know how to cope with her. She needs another girl wolf to empathize with about everything

Caroline: Do you think it’s because Bella and Edward were “true love 4eva” but the fact Sam left Leah meant that it couldn’t been as strong a love? Despite the fact that “imprinting” seems to merely be some kind of weird natural selection gig!

Helen: Hadn’t thought about the true love side, seems a bit hard on Leah though. All the stuff with Jacob and Renesme made imprinting seem like a bit of a plot device to get him over Bella and bring about that oh so convenient happy ending! Leah was a handy way to show imprinting over riding love before Jacob did it with Bella.

Caroline: Poor Leah all that heartache and angst just to be used and abused as a plot device.

Helen: Leah definitely needs a book; we should write to SM and tell her 🙂
Caroline: Absolutely! TEAM LEAH

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