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As book lovers we often find that our eyes are too big for our bookshelves! So once a month we join the ladies at Book Chick City and take part in their meme ON MY WISH LIST where we post about some of the books we are keen to get our hands on whether they be old books, newly released or those yet to be published.

Title: The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1

Author: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn and Robert Kirkman

Introducing the first eight volumes of this fan-favorite series collected into one massive paperback collection!

Reviewer: Karen

I have to admit that I first knew about ‘The Walking Dead’ when the tv series was being promoted. I thought that it looked like something both my husband and I would happily watch together and I wanted to see Andrew Lincoln doing his impression of a yank!
I was then surprisingly impressed that this was not just another horror franchise that only focuses upon making you jump in your seat and over egging gory, gruesome deaths – usually involving nubile teens in a state of undress. The walking dead instead adds a much more ‘human’ element to the genre. A scene I remember very vividly is when Andrew Lincoln’s character looks for a female torso zombie. We met her briefly a day earlier moving slowly and with difficulty as she had just her arms to propel herself forwards. The next day when he is aware of what the world now represents he sets off to find her and we see just how far this lone, once human being, has mindlessly travelled and thanks to Andrew’s character shooting her, she finally gets to rest.
When the series ended, and I was in that first flush of panic as to how I was going to cope now it had gone, and explored all things ‘Walking Dead’, I was pleased to find out that the series was in fact based on a comic series, with it’s creator having a key role to ensure that the tv series remains true to the comics.
This featured compendium comprises of the comics 1-48. Reading other reviewers obvious enjoyment of the comics, most of them also not usually into comics, and the comparisons that they make with the series, reassures me that this massive tome of a comic will keep me entertained for quite awhile. Even if I do have to wait for my Birthday (mid October) before I can start reading it!


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