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Some Dogs Do

Some Dogs Do
Jez Alborough
All dogs walk and jump and run, but dogs don’t fly – it can’t be done … or can it?’
This is a heart-warming story of a little dog named Sid who from sheer happiness manages to fly to school one day. Once there no-one will believe him and his happiness quickly disappears. Back at home his Dad shows a loving concern for his sons’ unhappiness, which is quickly dispersed when a secret is revealed!
The story is very entertaining, with a fun bouncy rhyme and repetition to enthrall and engage the participation of your audience.
My son always follows the story, repeating crucial points throughout. We especially enjoy Sid’s ‘long and lonely walk home’ as we talk about his walk through fields and over hills! I could easily recite it by heart now and having read it so often (usually 4 times every night), my son nearly does too– which only adds to the amusement and enjoyment we both get from our nightly rendition of ‘Sid’!
The fantastic colourful illustrations delight with their emotionally expressive characters– we witness Sid’s elated happiness at flying, his disbelief at the response of his classmates and teacher and the loving concern of his Dad and family.
This book is about believing in yourself and shows that anything is possible if you believe in it enough, despite what others around you may think! In addition to studying the actions and adventures of Sid through the story, his emotions provide excellent opportunity to explore feelings and the reasons for them.
Verdict: I think I love this book almost as much as my 3 year old son and it’s certainly a firm favourite in our house! I would strongly recommend this delightful book to anyone looking for a book for a child.
Reviewed by Jane

Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: August 2004
Format: Paperback
Pages: 38
Genre: Picture Book
Age: Picture Books, Early Readers
Reviewer: Jane
Source: Own Copy
Challenge: N/A

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    My kids are long past the picture book stage, but I still remember the words to Bark George because we read it so often. I kept most of our picture books, hoping one day to read them to grandchildren or else to pass them to my nieces and nephews children. I still can sit and read them for hours and I’m very dangerous with a credit card and an elementary school book fair!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture book.
    I’ll check back for more. I hope you do this every so often.

    Now I’m following you!
    Buried in Books

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