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Love Books Will Travel: Jo Frost

What: Book Signing
Who: Jo Frost (Supernanny)
Where: Waterstones
When: July 2011
Why: Promotional Tour for Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care
Who better than Jo Frost– the UK’s most trusted nanny– to help you through the challenging but exciting toddler years.
In Confident Toddler Care Jo Frost guides parents through the new demands and needs of their growing toddler, from teething and potty-training, to playdates and happy mealtimes, Jo is at hand to offer practical advice.
In her usual calm and down-to-earth style, Jo provides solutions to common problems and practical help on every element of your toddler’s life including: Sleeping, Healthy eating, Tantrums, Sibling rivalry, Playdates, Teaching life skills, Nursery and childcare, Positive communication, Praise and encouragement, Milestones, Creating routines
Jo’s essential know-how will help all parents create a thriving and peaceful home for their toddler, taking the dread away from the ‘terrible twos’ and ‘troublesome threes’ so that parents can feel confident and enjoy the toddler years.

The event was attended by a good crowd of Mums, babies and toddlers, with the odd Dad thrown in too! Jo was happy to sign copies of her new book and spent several minutes with many Mums chatting about their concerns and worries, as well as posing for pictures.  She was extremely friendly and took the time to speak and interact with each child she saw.  Should the opportunity arise, I would happily travel to meet Jo again.  What a lovely lady!
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